Buying a home is one of the largest investments you will make.
A home inspection will provide you with valuable information
about the condition of the home so that you are better prepared
and more knowledgeable when making a decision to purchase.

As a home inspector, my goal is to increase your knowledge
of the home and property so that you are a more informed buyer.
Remember, there’s hardly ever a perfect home. With a thorough
examination, I will detect any potential components and systems
of your home requiring attention. Finding defects in a home doesn’t
mean you shouldn’t buy it. This inspection will be valuable information
to avoid any unpleasant surprises afterwards and let you know what
repairs are needed, as well as the urgency of these repairs

For questions or to book your home inspection please use one
of the following:

CALL --- 220-7976
EMAIL --- allan@inspectyourhome.ca