A home inspection and the report preparation typically takes between
3 – 4 hours. I recommend you meet with me at the end of the inspection.
We will review the inspection report and go through the house together.
I will explain the findings outlined in the inspection report and answer any
questions you may have regarding the inspection.

You will receive an easy to understand, detailed report of the condition
of the home. This computerized report will be provided to you on site.
Some photographs will be provided to illustrate the issues and help in
your understanding.  Complete Home Inspection’s reporting system also
includes information on understanding certain conditions in your home,
getting started with renovations and an easy to follow monthly maintenance
checklist. If you are interested in attending all or part of the inspection,
just let me know. I will also be available to answer any questions
you may have in the future, just call me.

For questions or to book your home inspection please use one
of the following:

CALL --- 220-7976
EMAIL --- allan@inspectyourhome.ca